Yau Yu Industries Co., Ltd. (Taichung, Taiwan) is a professional machinery parts manufacturer with 45 years of history. We are equipped with advanced CNC machines and high precision measuring instruments. In the past, we specialised in the production of industrial sewing machines.


Since 2005, we have initiated the production of VDI and BMT tool holders in response to market demand and introduced rigid, high-precision driven and static tool holders for milling and turning purposes. Our manufacturing quality has won industry-wide recognition by obtaining approvals from domestic and foreign clients through rigorous cutting trials and industrial applications.


Shortly after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, to provide agile and high-quality services and realise the importance of integrating manufacturing supply chains. We have decided to expand our operations and launch an integrated one-step industrial solution for our clients.


Yau Yu Industries Co., Ltd. is committed to perfecting the company's operation through continuous effort. We look forward to providing our clients with superior services in the future through our ongoing endeavour.